Inert Rare Gases

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A colorless, odorless, nonflammable, Inert Rare Gas.


  • A major use is in the lighting industry. Used in incandescent lamps, mixed with nitrogen and argon or nitrogen, argon and xenon. Used in mixtures with argon as a filling gas for fluorescent tubes. Used as a filling gas for various halogen lamps, such as those used in cars, on airfields and in low voltage display lamps.
  • Used to obtain brain X-ray pictures.
  • Used as a triggering agent in discharge type electronic tubes.
  • Used as an insulation gas in windows to reduce noise and heat transfer.
  • Used for certain ion and excimer lasers.
  • Krypton is also used for mass spectrometry and specific area measurements in adsorption applications



A colorless, odorless, nonflammable, Inert Gas.


  • Used as a filling gas in spark chamber particle detectors, Geiger tubes and other detectors, fluorescent lamps, sodium discharge lamps, digital display tubes, stroboscope lights, in signs in mixtures with argon, filament lamps, and telephone line surge arrestors.
  • Used as a buffer gas or the active medium in various types of gas lasers such as helium/neon, excimer or copper vapor lasers.
  • Used as a carrier gas in chromatography applications.
  • Liquid neon is used in the following: liquid hydrogen replacement studies, cryo-sorption and cryo-pumping, nuclear particle detection in bubble chambers, and in lung diffusion gas mixtures



A colorless, odorless, nonflammable gas.


  • The major use is in the lighting industry. Both sodium and mercury lamps, which are used extensively for outdoor and roadway lighting are filled with pure xenon.
  • Used for incandescent lamps, iodine lamps (car headlights), arc lights, flash bulbs, cinema projection lamps, Klieg lights for filming (sunlight simulation), and space simulation lamps.
  • When mixed with oxygen, xenon is used in CAT (Computer Aided Tomography) scanners for blood flow mapping.
  • When mixed with methane, xenon is used as a fill gas for proportional counters and other types of radiation detectors.
  • Xenon-based chemical compounds can serve as fluorinating and oxidizing agents.
  • Used for mass spectrometer calibration.
  • Used in some types of ion and excimer lasers.

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