Fuel Cell + H2 Storage Set from 100 w - 1000 w


1. HB-SC-0010-Q 10 Liter Hydrogen Storage

Especially designed for small size fuel cells, fuel cells in toys, etc.

2. HB-SC-0050-Q -50 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Backup hydrogen source

- Standard storage models for portable instruments

- Designed to provide hydrogen up to 200 cm3/min in air at room temperature

3. HB-SC-0100-Q 100 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- For middle size fuel cell applications

- For fuel cells in special instruments

4. HB-SC-0250-N, 250 Liter Hydrogen Storage

5. HB-SG02-0250-N, 250 Liter Hydrogen Storage

6. HB-SC-0300-N -300 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Backup hydrogen source in laboratory rooms

- D Designed to provide hydrogen for stationary instruments (GC, GC-MS, et al.)

- Able to run over three units of GC instruments at the same time

7. HB-SG02-0500-N, 500 Liter Hydrogen Storage

8. HB-FR02-0500-B, 500 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Hydrogen storage for laboratory instruments

- The best complement for stationary instruments

- Provide the hydrogen demand for more than five units of instruments

- The most portable and safest storage ever designed for laboratory use

9. HB-FR07-0500-B 500 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Mini

-hydrogen station for use in labs

- Able to power up to 100W PEM fuel cells

9a. HB-SC-0600-N ,600 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Hydrogen station in laboratory rooms

- The best complement for stationary instruments

- Delivers over 99,9999% purity gas

9b. HB-SC-0660-N 660 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- For situational fuel cells

- For fuel cell in electric motorcycles or electric bicycles

9c. HB-PR 1800, 1800 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Mini

-hydrogen stationfor laboratories

- Can supply high purity hydrogen for long periods of time

- Ultra high purity at 99.9999% of Hydrogen

9d. HB-PR 2400, 2400 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- Hydrogen station for large laboratories

- Provide the hydrogen demand of large labs

- Able to supply high purity gas for several instruments in labs, VOC and THC stations for over one month

9e. HB-SS 3300 - 3300 Liter Hydrogen Storage

- For fuel cells in backup power units

- For fuel cells in small hybrid or hydrogen cars.

9f. HB-SS 16500 -16500 Liter Hydrogen Storage


- For backup power FC systems

-For fuel cells in yachts or other large vehicles








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